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Regular cat feeders are responsible, occasional do-gooders are the problem

IT IS easy to blame stray cat feeders because most people are not aware of how they operate ("Irresponsible feeding poses health risk" by Mr Ramoo Puru; last Tuesday

The Cat Welfare Society has designated caregivers in many estates, and volunteers like me know who these feeders are.They are familiar with the cats in the estate and clean up after doing their rounds. They may leave plastic bowls containing fresh water outside, and change them once or twice a day.

I have seen people who thought they were doing a good deed by leaving a packet of briyani on the floor, expecting the cats to eat it.

Some families leave cat food at lift landings, not realising that they are encouraging cats to go up the block. This can lead to problems when the cats defecate.

Another problem arises when a family that has been feeding the cats moves out. The next family to move in may not like cats, but the animals would be used to visiting that house.

I urge the public to be more compassionate. It is okay for people not to like cats. They can leave the feeding to people who do. There is no need to get angry at the feeders, stomp on the water bowls or scare the cats with sticks.

We can become a better society if residents learn to accept that cats are innocent animals that simply need a place to live.

Shelby Doshi (Ms)

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