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Cat figurines




Abandoned: 7 kittens in a hamster cage.

7 kittens in a hamster cage.

From: MSN Nicknamecena_yong1 (Original Message)
Sent: 9/25/2008 10:48 AM
Yesterday night recive a call someone abandon kittens at Bedok Reservoir Rd blk 712.
When I reach there I got a shock. & kittens in a hamster cage without food and water.
6 kittens 1mth old and 1 of them about 2mth old. Anyone like to adopt
or foster them please give me a call 98245852 Yong. Thanks.

Beautiful Community Cats

Monday, September 15, 2008

Beautiful Community Cats

On a warm Saturday afternoon,I paid a visit to the cats. It was interesting to note some of the funny photos which I could take with an ordinary dummy camera. Perhaps the play of lights made some of the photos have more contrast - it was around the early afternoon. But really, I was just shooting away, and don't have any camera skills at all.

Aren't they just cute? Lkeus, they get tired, thirsty and they like to sun-tan. Btw for the last photo, I cleared away the chicken bone and biscuit after taking the picture, so that the black kitty won't get "sabo-ed". Someone had actually put a box for him to sleep, and one my way back, I saw someone sharing the bench with this black cat. Really great to see people and cats co-exist in harmony.

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From Stomp: Cat dies, with wound to belly. Abuse?

STOMPer T.T was on his way to work when he came across the aftermath of a cruel act of animal abuse along Ubi Ave 4. This cat had suffered a painful death from some heartless people.

He says:

“I believe there were three people involved in this.

“Just look at the way the cat died!

“What I think is that there were two persons pinning the cat down and another repeatedly riding a motorcycle over it.

“This caused part of its fur to be shed off and there’s even a tire track on its belly.

“The cat was so scared that it defecated.

“I believe this act of brutality happened around midnight on 17 September.

“I really hope the murderers will receive their rightful punishment.”
STOMP has contact the SPCA.
To view the reply from SPCA, click here.
We need more information, says SPCA

Please keep your home cats indoor!
Please sterilise the community cats so that there are less cats to suffer like this one!


One way to save our local cats is to promote them through opportunities like this one!

Send to
Closing date: 2 October 2008

Bad model of a School Principal

Students trying to save School CatSep 24, '08 5:46 PM
for everyone

I saw a group of secondary school students standing near the MRT station, one of them holding a cat… a pregnant female.

When I approached them they offered me the cat, saying that their school was going to send her to SPCA... probably because she was pregnant. The students didn’t know what to do now. Seems that this friendly cat is well loved by the students and has been in the school compounds for quite some time.

I arranged to meet the girls at the school gate. We spoke to the principal and I offered to get the cat sterilised and then return her back. I also offered my help if there would be any cat-related problems. The principal was worried that more cats would be dumped if he allowed this one to stay but in the end he agreed to allow her to stay so that the children will also learn to be kind to animals.

However, he changed his mind soon after and called me while I was on the way home with the cat…saying that the students were not willing to take responsibility for the cat and that the cat had also caused problems at the canteen… he was not open to suggestions of solving the problem. He insisted that if I didn’t take the cat it would be sent to SPCA.

The Principal also said that SPCA gave talks at the school and told them to send in stray cats, as they would be taking care of them. Perhaps SPCA should be more direct and explain what will happen to the many cats they receive…. but I think this is more a case of people not wanting to know the truth.

Anyway, the cat will be sterilised tomorrow…

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