Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More 'flight' than 'fight' in wild boars

Published on Jun 27, 201

HAVING lived in Thomson Road for 16 years, I have had my fair share of wild boar sightings, which have increased over the past few years.
Many of these wild boars have more 'flight' than 'fight' in them.
They usually appear late at night when there are few people around. When they are startled by passing cars, they hurriedly dash back into the forested area.
I do not deny that wild boars can be a threat to public safety, but then again, wouldn't most wild animals attack if cornered?
Culling wild boars is not the way to control their population. Fencing up the places where they are often sighted would be a better solution, to prevent not only wild boars from venturing out, but also other wildlife that wander around and get run over by passing cars.
It would be a safer option for both the wildlife and the public.
I remember getting very excited over my first wild boar sighting, and I still get that feeling every time I spot one.
I am sure many people who do not live around forested areas will also be as thrilled. Some people even take their families to these areas to catch a glimpse of the wildlife, such as monkeys and wild boars.
I hope the wild boars will be spared. Let us enjoy nature in our urban city.
Teng Jiahui (Miss)