Friday, July 6, 2012

Zorro, the kitten stuck on a glue trap, passed away.

Zorro, The Gluey, 21062012 - 050712012 (19 days).
Zorro, The Gluey, had passed away peacefully at his Palace Of Catzilla at 10.08pm. He had Seizure, every 1 minute. It could caused by the glue stiffing. His head tilt to right side, uncoordinated movements and circling. This is due to, he was stucked, stiffed, licked and struggle to let free, which had effected his brain.

I brought him to emergency. In order to find a solutions to save him but they are giving an option to PTS. I have told them, 'Rather he dies in your hand, I would take him home and spend his precious moments with my furkids.'

He was very exhausted of the traveling, so I let him rest.. He spends more than 9 hours with us before dies in my hands while I hugged him to control his seizure.. 

His soul had crossed the Rainbow Bridge..May He Rest In Peace.. Amin.