Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm just to old?
I'm just to old?

Look at me, all wet in the rain,
My parents dumped me, yet again!
Left behind, out in the cold,
Just because, i am old!!
I,ve a tear in my eye, i am in pain,
Sitting here, on my own in the rain!
Although i'm old, i do not smell,
I'm not any trouble, i do not yell!
I'm a little stiff, and my fur is coarse,
But being dumped, it all looks worse!
Every night i spend alone,
Soaking wet, chilled to the bone!
Oh save me someone, take me home,
Don't leave me here, all alone!
This is my story, and now it is told,
No-one loves me, because i am old!! (G.Lamb 9/7/2013)