Wednesday, May 27, 2015

严重警告在本地工作,爱吃狗肉的中国客工们!!! 知道你们可能看不懂英文,所以本文以中文书写。

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WARNING work locally, eat dog meat in the Chinese passenger-workers! ! !
I know that you may not read English, so this article written in Chinese.

The recent spate of Singapore on site or woods, Chinese guest workers rounded up stray dogsEvents (do not ask me what it must be concluded that the hunting of man Chinese guest workers? IWhat they share is a clear durian, durian orang what it is! ) I know youIn the home, especially in the north, northeast of friends have the habit of eating dog meat, namelySo is the annual extreme bloody cruel heartless dog festival in Yulin, thatWhat is your home, is your so-called culture, although we do not agree, but IWe were busy.

But here in Singapore, please do not put your home to eat dog meat dietWhere our civilization! ! ! Do not tell me you sent to the ropes,Stick, in order to raise the dog caught back! What quality people doing things, To deceive! Do not ridiculous to say that these are not dogs, but Rougou! If the dog can be used to distinguish between dogs and edible dogs, so I can employersClass and animals to discriminate between us and you! (I'm sorry, I should not use animalsBorn to describe to you, it is a beast of an insult! ) you are in your home how lawlessness, even if you cook your own children behind closed doors

That is your family matter, but here are legal, civilized, people have human rights, dogDog advice, you have no right to infringe upon our rights and interests have been at peace stray dogs. In your country, the fate of stray dogs geomancy, to put down the prevalence of dirty environment

Dog three diseases: distemper, small, and coronavirus enterovirus invasion, summerDay to endure heat, cold winter to endure, and to avoid the fall and winter to eat dogMeat tonic people killed. In Singapore's stray dogs, in addition to the risk of trafficOther than insurance, and no such may endanger life-threatening, this class is not until youCivilized dog's food soon. (You do not think as I do not SingaporeansUnderstand the situation in China and lip service, I lived in China for many years, abnormal ChinaShaped Guaizhuang understanding of social phenomena, may not match your whole family! ) I am severely warned once again that you love to eat dog meat these foreign talent, do not

Then move Singapore moving stray dogs brains, nor the so-called cold dish butter dog smuggling northeastAny meat to restaurants in Chinatown sale or consumption in Singapore. We hereAny matter not keep a dog person, you will not tolerate such barbaric unopenedOf behavior. We will not hesitate to alarm handling, so you a taste of SingaporeInternationally renowned draconian laws! Mahatma Gandhi said: "The quality of a country, from how they treat small

Animals can be seen! " Also: We only against eating dog meat in Singapore, killing of stray dogs, other

Chinese guest workers behave, we are welcomed by foreign friends, are not weCondemnation range, do not pigeon-holing. You can not love, please do not hurt / kill! Please friends, the open letter forwarded to other such people may see social

Pls help to share this open letter to all social media for the PRC to see! Thx!