Monday, June 1, 2015

Practise compassion wisely

Practise compassion wisely
PUBLISHED ON JUN 1, 2015 12:45 AM 

AS WE celebrate Vesak Day today, some people still cling to the practice of "liberating" animals to mark the occasion.

But one has to practise compassion wisely. As such an act can cause environmental harm, we should discard this practice.

We need not wait for Vesak Day to practise compassion. In our daily lives, we can liberate animals from suffering by showing kindness to these creatures in our midst.

For instance, instead of culling animals such as homeless cats and dogs, we can control their population by sterilising them, and reducing the abandonment of pets by educating the owners, breeders and pet shops.

Instead of buying pets, we can choose to adopt rescued animals in shelters. We can also support animal welfare organisations by volunteering and giving donations.

We can also reduce the slaughter of animals in abattoirs by reducing our intake of meat or becoming vegetarian.

Tan Chek Wee (Dr)