Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Car Park Cat with No Name

Who dumped you at the car park, we will never know
Your coat dirtied from living under cars
Every night you waited for a lady to give you food, the only spark of happiness in your life
Then you became very sick
The lady called out to you but you were too weak to crawl out from the drain
Then one night, the lady found you by lifting up the drain cover
She held you in her arms for the first time
Tears welled in her eyes
She rushed you to the vet the next morning
But it was too late
You took your last breath at 3.30pm on 22-02-2016
The lady arranged for your cremation at Mobile Pet Cremation
You still had no name 😿
But you had been loved 🐾💙
(Dedicated to caregivers like Mrs Neo, who not only provide food and water to many homeless cats, but who will bring them for sterilisation, vet care and even their cremation. She learnt to ignore unfriendly stares from passerby's, ugly remarks such as "You feed the cats fat fat they don't chase rats anymore!" "Because of people like you, there are so many cats here! So dirty!"
These caregivers are the ones who deserve the PUBLIC SERVICE awards!)