Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cat at an ATM

Conversation at ATM queue after I petted the cat.
A woman, coiffured hair, in her late 50's or early 60's, turned round to speak to me in local English, "You like cats issit?"
Me, "Yes I do, do you?"
Woman, "No!"
Me, "Why not?"
Woman, "Cats so dirty!"
Me laughed and squat down to pet the cat "some more", picked up a discarded receipt and slotted into the litter-bin, saying, "See, humans dirtier."
A woman, in her 50's, walked by to join the TOTO queue, kept looking at the cat. She then said, in local Mandarin, "The Mao not safe there. Someone may step on it." She then carried the cat and placed it on the space besides the ATM.