Saturday, December 18, 2010

From being abandoned with a "freshly chopped tail" to being safe in a good home

Then on 17 March, 2006,
New abandonee at carpark
"7.45am: I saw an unfamilar feline figure under the sparkling clean old mercedes. I got on my knees and the cat looked at me. Alamak..untipped! I put some dry food into a paper bowl. Her hunger overcame her nervousness and wariness. I add some wet food as she could be dehydrated. I then shifted the food in stages until she was feeding at the back of my car. She is a new abandonee. She looked old enough to be sterilized. I was thinking that she looked like a healthier version of Fussypot when I spotted her nearby, coming to “kaypoh”. I got her to follow me to the back of the void deck. Her appetite has remained good but her pelvic region was still sunken in."

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