Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bird stuck on rat glue: Kittens have been seriously hurt by glue traps too, says SPCA

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Bird stuck on rat glue: Kittens have been seriously hurt by glue traps too, says SPCA

SPCA will counsel the bakery staff who trapped the mynah on a board smeared with rat glue, but this was not the only case, said a spokesperson. Kittens were also seriously injured in the past.

This was in response to a blog post which detailed how bakery staff trapped a mynah with a board smeared with rat glue that left many STOMPers horrified.

Said the SPCA spokesperson in an email (Apr 20):

"We refer to the post about a mynah bird being stuck on a glue board trap outside a bakery at Tampines Blk. 826 yesterday.

"The SPCA responded to a call informing us of the bird’s plight. As in all emergency cases, the caller was advised over the telephone in advance that there would be no guarantee that the bird would survive –- this would depend on the creature’s condition following an examination by a veterinarian.

"Our top priority is always to ensure that injured animals are taken to a veterinarian without delay and we would do our best to save the animal.

"Our staff on arriving at the scene, was informed by the caller, that he would keep the bird and be taking it to a veterinarian for treatment, rather than risk it being euthanased, so our rescue officer took pictures as evidence for our investigation and proceeded back to the SPCA.

"This is not the first time that we have attended cases where various species have been trapped on glue board traps (commonly used for trapping rats). Kittens have been seriously injured in the past.

"For the record, the SPCA strongly objects to the use of glue board traps for any species and has previously written in to the authorities to ban them, but without success.

"There have been some positive results though: Following feedback from members of the public two years ago, we wrote to NTUC Fairprice informing them of the suffering caused to animals in the process of using this device, and they immediately removed the item from their stores.

"The SPCA recently received feedback from a Home-Fix DIY store customer that glue board traps were on sale there, but following our advice to the company that the use of this product inflicts pain and suffering to trapped animals, they pledged to remove this product from 21 stores as of 15 April. In order to address SPCA’s and the customer’s concerns, they have also informed their suppliers not to bring in any similar products to their stores in the future.

"There have also been other incidences reported to us over the years, in relation to glue board traps; we have followed up with advice to individuals/companies to refrain from using them.

"In this current case, we will be advising the staff of this bakery shop (and its head office) to stop employing this cruel method and to impress upon them that the suffering or abuse inflicted on a bird or any other species, is no laughing matter.

"We will be following up closely on this matter and would ask STOMPers to report any further sightings of glue traps at the location.

"We thank STOMPers who have voiced their concern for the injured mynah bird, and for helping to Stop Animal Abuse."

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