Thursday, April 21, 2011

The kindness of an old uncle who collects paper cartons for a living, and a community cat called Ah Kat

At a vet clinic on 20th April 2011

A lady wrote,

"Ah Kat - an old uncle saw him lying on his side brought him in to Pet Clinic. Urinary blockage, very dehydrated, Dr. Au drained urine n discharged... At the counter thhis uncle Ah Hwa only has 76 dollars to pay.... I told him ah kat got to keep indoor. He said he cannot bring home. I told him I will take over the cat. I dont think he can survive on the street. Esp today s weather. I hospitalised him."

"Ah Kat is already neutered."

"The uncle collects paper cartons for a living :-("

Ooi wrote, "I happen to b ther too. E uncle reali touch my heart.. He's a old uncle who collect paper carton(lik garang guni, 1kg of paper cartons @ abt 15¢ only) for living. Yet he brought e stray cat to e vet immediately when he realise e cat is not ...well. When payin, he dint had enuf & he empty every single cent he has in his wallet, $76.. Reali touch by his love for e animal~ T.T

So blessed tat SY happen to b ther. Reali nice of her to take over e badly dehydrated cat when e uncle cant bring home. If not, ther's no chance tis cat will survive at all.. Will pray for e cat to stay strong n get well soon! !"