Monday, October 29, 2012

Life With A Pet

This is definitely a new page in the life.
After much pondering, weighing the pros and cons, of introducing a pet into my life, I went ahead and adopted a cat on November 17, 2006.  Of course, there were many things to think about and no idea what to expect. 
Some of the issues:
1. How is my significant half going to adapt to it? She has asthma when she was young-is it going to trigger her asthma attacks?  Cleanliness of course, goes way off the standards she is used to.  Is she alright with it?
2. Home is our solace from the outside world, we will not let anything disturb the peace we have at home, period.
3. Is the pet going to destroy my beloved furniture? My furniture are hard to replace, even if the style is the same, the design on the piece is unique.
4. Can we take care of the pet?  We work 12 hours day-too long, definitely.  We have a helper at home who takes care of the tasks that we cannot.  Is my helper able to cope with more chores?
5. Can we spare reasonable amount of time with the pet?
6. Is our home pet safe?  We live in a high rise apartment.  If we make it safe for ourselves, surely we must make it safe for every living thing at home?  Typically what we take for granted is now, easy prey for the pet.  We have to do some inspection to ensure that it does not get poison what we take for granted.
7. Ongoing care, how much effort would it be?  What to do, when to do, how to do, who to go to, etc, you get the picture.
8. Some other things which I did not think about or know about.  I will cope with them, with the best of my abilities and time.
 I wrote this blog to help others who are taking the same steps, move from totally lost to hopefully, better informed.
I had the help from more experienced cat owners, who, invaluably add to the vast knowledge base, which now I am trying to learn more.  I am sure that my cat will teach me something that I do not know, or did not care to pay attention to.  I promise to try to learn.  Hopefully, I will learn fast enough.
 For the next few posts, I am going to write down some notes about what I did.  Hopefully, it would be useful to some other comtemplating to do the same.  I will admit, I am still learning and finding out.  But so far, the experience, has been interesting and enjoyable.
There are definitely some give-ups and some gains.  You be the guide.  Like they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Do you want to wonder or are you the venturer?