Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yuki - yet another victim of abandonment!

One normal day, while caregiver was making her rounds feeding the kitties, a man carried this precious little girl and abandoned her near the feeding spot. Despite immediate chasing, the owner cld not be found.

4 days later, Yuki is now recuperating from her sterilization. This sweet girl is quiet and friendly, she retreats to her temp home (the carrier) after food and call if nature, and does n
ot make a fuss to get out.

As the existing feline masters of the house are upset with her presence, and the caregiver is unable to take in another baby, Yuki will have to return to the void deck if she's not rehomed. if you are able to give this princess a forever home, please pm me for caregiver's details. Frens, pls help to spread the word!! Tx!!