Monday, August 5, 2013


This is observed in Bukit Panjang, Fajar Road, Blk 408. If you happen to be associated to these two individuals, please kindly persuade them out of their daily cruelty acts.

For a few weeks, I've noticed the community cats to be very fidgety and ran away at the sound of footsteps and/or kids. For the past couple of days, it has gotten to be so bad that they would just leave halfway or immediately after feeding. So I kept a lookout from my window for a long period and noticed these boys. They would hide behind walls, use their waterguns, charge towards the cats and send them scurrying from their restful sleep to panicking in the drain. They would then CLIMB into the drain(darker shirt guy) to pursue these poor creatures. The orange friend would use his skateboard and slam it repeatedly on the drain covers where the cats are hiding underneath.

I called out to them from my window to please please please stop scaring the cats because to see them getting into the drain is just too much. I had told them before but they simply ignored me, laughed and went off. Sometimes I see kids swinging their bags, stomping their legs and charge towards the community cats. They refused to leave and were waiting for the cats to return by repeatedly checking out the drain and stomping on the covers. I then decided that perhaps someone closer to them would be able to address their behaviors more effectively as even when I took these videos, the boy in the darker shirt mouthed 'FxCK YOU' to my camera.

Not only them, there are other children who are sometimes accompanied by adults coming armed with waterguns and an abundance of energy to scare the living daylights out of the cats. I am sure that when parents purchased these fluid-projectile toys, they didn't intend for their children to use it on the defenseless animals.

The main reason I am highlighting this is that the cats are unwell. One is fighting a persistent eye infection, bad ear mites and an injured hind leg that is likely to leave it crippled in the near future. Squirting water into their eyes and ears would definitely not benefit the cats' health. Neither would charging towards them do any good for their injured appendages. I dread the day when the cats' injured legs have deteriorated to hinder their escape and God knows what will happen.

Being community cats, the neighborhood is the only place they can call Home. Life is already very rough on the streets, being exposed to endless dangers and the elements. If you do not wish to help them, then at the very least, do no harm unto them. Peace.