Monday, January 31, 2011

HDB rules on keeping cats responsibly needed

05:55 AM Jan 31, 2011

A friend who volunteers to assist her town council in resolving complaints about cats was recently asked to "remove" a cat that defecated outside a flat. Otherwise the cat would be rounded up by the town council's pest controller to be surrendered to the Agrifood and Veterinary Authority (AVA) where it would be killed.

My friend spoke to the cat's owner but he stubbornly refused to keep the cat indoors, citing the lack of HDB rules binding him to do so.

Most owners are responsible but rules are needed to control the few black sheep. I plead with HDB to listen to feedback from residents, the Cat Welfare Society and the SPCA - to successfully reduce the complaints that arise from irresponsible cat ownership, regulations that include compulsory sterilisation, keeping cats indoor and micro-chipping are needed.

Even the AVA, after all, has information on how to keep cats responsibly in flats.

Letter from Tan Chek Wee

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