Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where can we go?

HDB says No

We stay on the streets

Town Council says No

The feeders mess up public areas

We move to the carparks

Car owners say No

The scratches must be that "stupid cat sleeping on the roof"

We move to the hawker centres

NEA says No

Or else no 'Singapore OK' label

We hang around the walkway

The young lady says we scare her mother

We move near the childcare

The parents complaint to the Town Council's officer

"Get rid of the cat or we beat your brain out!"

We poo on the grass

The Town Council's Senior Property Manager screams

"Cats cannot poo! Not even on the grass!"

Where can we go?

Can we ask to be unborn?

We are labelled pest and nuisance

Without justification

Look who is destroying the earth?

At an unprecedented pace

Come on

We only want to live

Just like you do

What right have you got to push us off the brink?

by koon-king
(May 17, '06)
(feel free to share for the benefits of the community cats)