Saturday, January 22, 2011

Urgent Appeal: Does Hope deserve all these???

Urgent Appeal: Does Hope deserve all these???

On 20th Jan, a badly injured cat was found in Geylang Lor 7. No one could bear to take a second look at this scrawny petite female cat because it was a very unpleasant sight. No one can imagine what had actually happened to this cat, now named Hope.

Hope, was sighted by Mr Lim at Geylang Lor 7, with a dislocated lower jaw. She cannot close her mouth. Her badly inflamed tongue was hanging out, possibly for days. Her right eye was infected and she could not open her eye. She was filthy and stinking from pus and dried blood. Mr Lim then seeked help from Mike and Aiwei, who rushed Hope to Jireh Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd.

According to the vet, chances are that Hope was abused. Her jaw was dislocated and fractured, and her right eyeball was ruptured. There was a huge bruise on her head. She must have been kicked in her face several times with great impact.

21 Jan

The good people at Jireh Veterinary Clinic delivered some happy news. Hope had attempted to eat despite not being able to chew her food. She tried to lap up her food and even shown loads of affections.

Dr Tham said that she needs to be fitter in order for them to perform a surgery to fix her jaw, which involves inserting a metal piece to secure her broken jaw. The surgery and hospitalisation is estimated to be over $2000. Meanwhile, Hope stays in Jireh Veterinary Clinic to receive medical attention until she is fit enough for the surgery.

Please click to see video: of Hope: Good appetite

Please help Mr Lim with the medical fees. A little goes a long way for these poor furry homeless animals on the streets.

If you are keen to contribute, you can

1) Cross your cheque to Jireh Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd and mail it to Mike/Aiwei for recording purpose. (pls email us at so that we can email you the mailing address)

2) Make a transfer to POSB Savings 093-61193-4
Please drop us an email so that we can check and record.

Thank you in advance.