Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nine Abandoned Rabbits in Tampines

Nine Abandoned Rabbits in Tampines

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Lucky 9 rabbits, unlucky rescuer. At around 12 midnight, near the 400+ blocks of Tampines Ave 9, 9 badly abused pedigree rabbits were found at the foot of a void deck, squeezed like sardines in a rusty 2-feet cage.

Suspected to be a home breeder’s hordes, these rabbits have probably been living in torture their whole lives. One with a missing ear, another with a head tilt so bad that it couldn’t even sit or stand upright, and all sneezing away. They are skinny, dirty and they have probably never seen sunlight.

This is the year of the rabbit and is this how rabbits should be treated? These poor rabbits are probably lucky to have been saved, I guess.

Thankfully, with the help of volunteers from House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS), 3 were rushed to the vet the next day. We are asking for appeal to help HRSS with the medical and sterilisation costs of these rabbits. If you are able to give them a home, please contact Lynn at Any amount of donation is welcomed and all funds will be channeled to HRSS to help this lot of rabbits.

All rabbits are pedigree breed: Lop ear rabbits, Lion Head, Dwarve Rabbits.

Rabbit with missing ear

Rabbit with tilted head

Hungry rabbits:

Here’s the album of all the rabbits:

Abandoned Rabbits