Friday, July 1, 2011

Why Pets Are Therapeutic

Pets are great for kids as well as they are growing pets can help a child have better social skills. Most children who have a child in their home between the ages of 1-6 will develop better social skills, coordination and less likely to suffer from pet allergies as they grow older.

A pet can give you unconditional love and support. Pets don't talk back or argue. They won't talk behind your back or leave you for someone else. Pets often form strong bonds with their owners and will be loyal to the end. They can help calm a person down naturally without the use of medication. Just by petting an animal or playing you can relieve tension and calm your nerves.

Additional health benefits of why animals are therapeutic for kids and adults are they bring smiles to everyone. With this studies have shown it increases a person’s immune response and children help build children’s response to immunity from pet allergies.