Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ol Boy: Who is the "lucky" one?

Everyone has been saying how lucky Ol Boy was to have me during his last days. The truth is, it is very much the other way round.

It became so clear to me the moment I brought him home, that our encounter was by no mere chance. He came to me for a very good reason, to grant me profound understanding of the 4th suffering of life - Death.

Last week was a great great lesson in life, not only for 
me, but I believe for many out there as well.

Dying with dignity is something we do not offer our dogs, especially the strays. Ol Boy demonstrated to Singapore, the importance of being allowed to die in dignity, the preciousness of life, and the fleeting inevitability of it all.

We may not be able to alter the cycle of life and death, but everyone of us can help ease the sufferings of Samsara for other sentient beings.