Monday, August 6, 2012

Severe case of animal abuse!!

A poor victim of an animal abuse case...He is a friendly and tame unsterilised boy in the community but his friendliness has turned him to an easy target for the abuser. He was beaten so badly on the side of face causing the swollen eye and dislocated jaw. When the vet force opened his mouth, maggots falling out and discovered a badly infected hole at the upper part of mouth. The vet has also veri
fied that the injury was due to human act. The medical fee will be costly and most probably this poor boy will have to live with a dropped jaw for the rest of the life. Currently he is treated with his infected eye and mouth. Poor boy, he is still not able to eat and has to be in force feeding. Hope the caregiver will have a better plan for him and wish this poor cat to recover well!