Friday, August 24, 2012

PETITION: Singapore needs animal welfare police separate from AVA

To: Ministers and MOS of the Ministry of Law, Ministry of National Development, Ministry of Home Affairs & Animal Welfare Forum led by ACRES

Many pets have been abused in the privacy of homes in Singapore but authorities cannot act until there is an eyewitness report or solid proof that such abuse is occurring.

Animal Welfare groups also do not have any power to remove a suffering animal in question when members of the public come to them for help.

As reported by SPCA, reported animal cruelty is on the rise in Singapore and if left status quo, more and more abuses will occur in homes where it is hard to collect evidence unless there is an authority who can enter, investigate with the power to temporarily remove the suffering animal in question and power to refer the case for prosecution by Singapore courts of law.

For that, we need a Singapore Animal Welfare Police Division like most developed countries. We may also need to have registered animal welfare groups empowered with the power of temporary removal of victimised animals during investigation to stop the alleged abuse from continuing as well in partnership.