Monday, November 5, 2012

LOVE CATS "Extraordinary Cat Owners": Qittkat

A feeder found Qittkat with rubber bands tied to his front and hind leg. He was rushed to the vet but the blood had stopped flowing on his hind leg and it had to be amputated. They managed to save his o
ther leg but as the rubber band had been wound so tight, it left a mark. Despite his ordeal, barely weeks after his surgery, he was back on the streets and still very trusting of humans. The feeder then decided that Qittkat needs a home and that was how Zuraidah came to adopt him.

When Zuraidah first had him, he was about 2-years old and had just lost his leg and struggling to adapt. She could sense his frustration whenever he could not do the things that he used to, like climbing, scratching his ear or jumping for toys. Whenever that happened, he would find a corner and hide himself in despair. But with time, he learned to adapt to his disability and soon enough, he was up and about like a normal cat and nobody even noticed that he was missing a leg!

Qittkat’s fight against the odds became an inspiration to Zuraidah to survive a long abusive relationship and to recover from it. Qittkat is now 11 years old and still fights everyday to do what any other cat can do – be loving and a joy to have and hold.

Zuraidah and Qittkat are just one of the owner/pet cat that regulating cat ownership helps. Qittkat was sterilised and kept safely indoors in an HDB flat for 8 long years until eventually moving to a private residence. With cat ownership regulation, we ensure that cat owners like Zuraidah are not penalised by the actions of cat owners who continue to perpetuate the misconception that cats are not good pets.

Our "Most Beautiful Domestic Cat" contest in June highlighted many responsible owners and their amazing stories. This time round, we want to feature extraordinary owners who have been through thick and thin with their cats. Their cats may be old, blind, disabled, they have done their absolute best to keep their cats unconditionally and responsibly.

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