Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To the owner/s who dumped Bingo to DIE just because she is OLD. Whoever you are, you ought to reflect on what you have done!

Bingo was dumped by her owner unceremoniously to SPCA. My teammates at Save Our StreetDogs SOSD, together with angels from the public who read her plight, took her over from SPCA.

Bingo is such a sweet girl; she understands commands, jumps around happily, follows you around waiting for a snack, and is perfectly healthy except for her skin condition.

Maybe its the mounting stress, or the fatigu
e. I don't think I was prepared emotionally to meet Bingo for the first time. After I spent some time with her, I rushed off, and starting crying and crying. Because I don't understand what could have made her owners want her dead. And it was overwhelming thinking about how we would all not have the fortune of meeting her if she was not rescued in time. Every life counts.

We can only aim to change the world for our Singapore Specials, one dog at a time.