Friday, November 2, 2012

Love your pets, be kind to others,-be-kind-to-others

From Eunice Amanda Wilbertine Nah Chief Advocate (Volunteer), Animal Welfare Global, Agency for Animal Welfare

In "Why pet policies do matter to neighbours" (Oct 17), Mr Tan Tai Lim mentioned a problem with dog urine along the walkways.

We empathise and apologise on behalf of his inconsiderate neighbours who did not clean up after their pets. We live in a community and must be kind towards one another. We wish to improve relationships in Rivervale by advising his neighbours, if his Member of Parliament (MP) could write to us.

We are contacting all MPs on pet-related disputes, and his MP would have our contact details.

We will soon assist the Housing and Development Board, town councils and the National Environment Agency on such issues.

We are launching a Kindness in the Community programme and hope to help Mr Tan and his neighbours come to a better living arrangement when such disputes arise. We are here to serve communities in our advocacy for pets through mediation, education and engagement. Pet-owners, not animals, are at fault, and we urge them to be kind to their pets by being kind to neighbours.

To improve animal welfare here, animal welfare groups need pet-owners to clean up after their pets, so that no pet may be euthanised, abandoned or evicted.