Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cats bring neighbours together

Latifah, "A year today history repeats itself; Jingga gets to know the neighbour with the 2 boys checking the goodies they give:)"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Billy still maintains his charm

by Latifah Jellanie
on Thursday, 19 August 2010 at 20:24

Billy as usual will wait at the gate for the neighbours to come home from work between 6.30 till 8pm,he is like an alarm clock who knows who and who will be walking by the gate.When I am home I keep the door open till about 9pm for him to sit and watch and look out.Afterall he was all alone from 8am till I get home at 6.45pm most days except for the days when I am not working.

This evening when I saw him comfortably waiting I took my camera out to snap a picture of him and who knows at the same aunty came back from work and said hello to him.His first reaction to greet her was to stand up in respect to the elders and meow at her and aunty spoke to him in response to his acts.It was such a beautiful scene that I just had to snap a picture of the two of them.

I am glad I adopted him last year and have enjoyed his company since he is my everything now.He now sleeps with me and he knows which corner of the queen size bed belongs to him.He will wake me up like an automated alarm clock and first word he greets will always be 'ma..a' and he knows my answer will always be yes darling good morning.There are times when he will sleep in his own circle of arms and times he will expose indecently and also times when I will be waken by his tail sweeping my face.

Billy is full of love and he knows how to butter me too coming snuggling at my leg when he wants his dinner and kiss my hand and fingers when I am seated at the dining table with my note book and thats when he will just flop on my hand wanting to be sayang and be pat.

He's young and full of energy still and his favourite before we said good night is to hide somewhere waiting for me walk by and jumpa at me initially I was shocked but then I realised all he wants is to play.

Billy will always be my first love and I hope we will have a long way more to be with each other.

Billy greeting aunty at the gate
(promotes neighbourliness)