Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is a free-roaming home cat with a clipped ear safe on the streets?

Seen in Tampines St 91 (a resident here claimed this cat belonged to a family).

A cat outside a home in Singapore faces many dangers
1) Caught by pest controller (cats cannot protest that they are NOT the ones that resulted in complaints to some residents) and sent to AVA where it will be killed, whether ear clipped or not. Clipped ear cats could be held for a few days in the AVA before being killed, if no one comes forward to claim.
2) Killed or maimed by cars, motorbikes, bicycles and abusers.
3)Attacked by other cats or dogs
4)Eat poisoned placed by pest conrollers for birds and rats
4)Drink water in drain where chemicals are constantly pumped in by pest controllers.

If you truly love your cats, invest in wire meshing to cat-proof your home.
No point crying when your cat goes missing!!