Sunday, February 6, 2011

A "homeless" cat called Kunyit

Kunyit was one of many cats dumped downstairs by a family living on the 4th storey who was
1) Not aware that their irresponsible ownership of cats led to complaints by other residents to the town council
2) Not aware that the town council's attitude towards cats is one of "pests" and "nuisance" and hence treated as such, i.e. the docile ones would be rounded up by the pest controllers, transported to the AVA where they were killed.
3) Not aware that some "divine" force couldn't protect these dumped cats from some many dangers lurking in the neighbourhood

A kid once remarked to a caregiver that Kunyit was once upon "my grandfather's cat" and when asked why then he was dumped downstairs, the kid innocently replied, "My mother took in a new kitten."

Kunyit and the other "thrown away" cats were brought by caregivers to the vet for sterilisation. Kunyit was neutered about 6 years ago. He made head-butting friends with two other community cats, Panther-2 and Mui-Mui, both had mysteriously disappeared.

Kunyit is still yearning for affection and would wait for a caregiver every morning, not for food but just to see and hear a "friend". After so many years of surviving on the "streets", he has lost complete trust in human beings to be allowed to be touched but he would rub against the wall and drainage pipe, because he was too wary to rub against the caregiver's legs.