Saturday, February 26, 2011

This community cat called Orange-Boy treats this Recycle Bin "decently" as a shade, whereas some residents treat recycle bins as garbage bins!

On this tiny island, the species that cause the MOST problems is obviously overpopulated, yet authorities say..not enough..please reproduce MORE!! More of this species = MORE $$!

Cats, on the other hands, have remarkable REPRODUCING ability, but the authorities label them as "non-productive" species and KILL them on any kind of complaints, never mind if the complainants cook up stories to get rid of them because they harbour fear of cats, never mind if there are non-kill solutions to the problems, never mind if the complainants are anonymous, never mind if ONE complainant called 100 times but the authorities will treat as 100 complaints!

This community cat seeks shelter under a recycle bin on a hot afternoon.
Many residents, despite having genuine garbage bins almost every few metres apart, treat these reycle bins as garbage bins!
Who's the dumb-ass?