Friday, March 18, 2011

Cat Survived Earthquake and Reunited with Family

cat survived earthquake tsunami in japan

A woman returned to her house that was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami to look for her cat.

She was shocked by the damage in the house as she was rummaging through the rubble. While she was talking to the reporter, a miracle happened. Her cat came out from the stairs and started meowing.

Non-non the cat was hiding upstairs when the tsunami hit. The little one survived.

Though the kitty was still a little shaking and overwhelmed by the whole disaster and afraid to come back downstairs, it was absolutely heart-warming and hopeful to know that Non-non made it safe.

Rough Translation:

Woman told the reporter “That’s my house.” She was wondering where her cat is.
The reporter followed her into the house. They saw a large tree trunk in the room through the window.
Later the reporter heard the woman saying “The cat is alive!” She said that she heard the cat meowing upstairs. Her cat’s name is Non-non.

Here is a picture of a woman who wouldn’t leave without her cat:

woman cuddles holds her beloved cat after earthquake tsunami in japan

A tsunami devastated street In Hishonomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, on March 15, 2011