Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wonderful Story of Willee, once a "stray"

6th October 2004: a very friendly male cat at Blk *** was trapped and sterilised the next day at the vet clinic.

Carol who took care of Willee after the surgery wrote: Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 10:45 AM

willee and curlee were so adorable! it was very hard to let them go…..


willee was such a baby. he just ate and ate and ate. then he curled up in my legs for a snooze and was purring all the way together with his both his hands ‘marching’ away. let him go at about 11.15pm. he was tailing me. hard to make him stay there. finally saw him going into the drain, perhaps, for some water.

curlee was very fierce in the cage. but as soon as he was outta the cage, he was fine and purring away too. he had some food and water and i released him at about 11.30pm. needless to say, it was hard to let go too for me….

another sob! but guess wat, i saw sasa there! i am so happy to finally see him again. i think he recognised me and came immediately to me. it was hard to make him stay put too. he crossed the road with me. i had to cross back to his ‘home’ and make 1 big round to distract him. stood from afar to check and make sure that he didn’t cross the road.

Willee adapted to life around the RC office at Blk ** and this is one of his favourite “beds”. However the human traffic along the corridor of this block is heavy and I have seen children making intimidating gestures at him. Children around cats worry me as an attack from a provoked cat can result in their parents lodging a complaint with the town council. This will result in the engagement of a pest control company to round up ALL the cats in the vicinity of the complaint. Hence Carol and I decided to move Willee to a boarding faciliities for rehoming as he has such a honey-sweet personality

He was adopted by Susan, an American Chinese expat. Later, Susan brought Willee and her cat,. Cleo, that she brought from USA to Singapore, to Vietnam.

Susan wrote ” Willee has been fattening up as he gets plenty of good food to eat. I was away on holiday and my friend spoiled Willee even more with wet food. He had a bit of a tummy now. Willee’s wet nose has passed but he still manages to wheeze and sneeze from time to time. I’m getting used to as he’s getting used to his surroundings. Only downside now is he tends to pick on my cat, Cleo and I can’t tell if it’s for play or for dominance.”

From: Susan
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 2:10 AM


What a nice surprise to hear from you!!

Willee and I are currently living in Istanbul and will be here until 2013. We left Vietnam in July 2009 and moved to Washington DC for a year. In July 2010, Willee was put on a plane and flew to Turkey. While in the United States, Cleo passed away in October 2009. He was 16 years old and suffering from kidney problems. There was not much i could do except take him to the vet who detected the problem. Cleo had a long and happy life and I was worried about whether he would have been fit enough to travel to Turkey. In some ways, he's still with me as I had him cremated and brought along his ashes.

I am so thankful that Willee is in my life as he's the most affectionate cat ever. My friends and neighbors all comment that Willee acts more like a dog than a cat as he's super friendly and approachable. With his better diet, his coat is gorgeous and he has such a big appetite. He's gotten a bit plump so i had to put him on a diet regimen. Willee also had most of his teeth removed as they were falling out or about to. I think that truly cured his breath issue but he still has his asthma and sneezing habit. With most of his teeth gone, his look is funnier that ever. I've include some photos for both of you to see.

How are you all?

I really miss Singapore. Turkey is so different that East Asia. The cuisine takes some adjusting to as there are not much leafy greens to make a good stir fry.

Take care,