Friday, May 27, 2011

The elderly and a community cat

Patiently this elderly gentleman, who speaks English, waits for the community cat (bearing the tipped ear of a neuter status), whom he called MiMi, to finish eating so that he can clear up the leftover.
MiMi pauses between her nibbling to rub affectionately against the legs of the gentleman.

This gentleman will not call up the town council to "complain" that seeing MiMi is one of the things he looks forwards to when he opens his eyes in the morning.

This gentleman will not have residents complaining to the town council of leftover mess from feeding cats, as he is a responsible feeder.

This gentleman enjoys the company of this community cat as much as his neighbour who loves the plants in the garden patch set up by the town council.

The town council has to respect the rights of such residents to the presence of cats in the community even though they cannot "complain" of this.