Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saved from the AVA "Gallows" by a diligent town council's property officer and testimonies from senior citizens

An irate father called the town council to complain that a cat attacked his child. He was able to identify the cat as this one.
The town council's property officer in charge of this precinct, went to the block to investigate. He spoke to the senior citizens at the senior citizen corner in the void deck where this cat is frequently seen. The seniors testified that this was a very good tempered cat that was not known or seen to be aggressive.
The property officer then spoke to the father, who was, fortunately reasonable and decided not to insist that this cat be "removed" (to be killed at the AVA).

It is not difficult to imagine how a child would tell his or her parents of scratch marks.

Cats, by nature, do not react aggressively unless they have been provoked or they are overcome by protective maternal instincts if there are newborn babies nearby, or if they have been overly stimulated by stroking. Leave the cats alone and they will leave you alone.