Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Cat Management"

Accounts by a HDB resident, working full time, and volunteering herself to assist the town council to deal with feedback involving cats:

"The officer told us that there was a complain about residents finding cat faeces at their corridors. They refused to tell us which resident complained and we do understand that this is confidential. F and I made door to door survey in that evening to find out from the residents what was happening. Here's what we found:

The new resident was furious when he kept finding faeces at the doorway. He had no idea which cat was it, and when asked if he had informed the Town Council if he'd wanted to "remove" the cats, he said no, he just wanted his doorway to be clean.

We advised him that some crushed mothballs to be sprinkled at his doorway may do the trick, and he did. We followed up with a visit again the following week and he said there was no more cat poo."

"A complainant made numberous complains to Town Council and the officer was very angry and impatient and had called us to tell us that if we do not solve this case, they will cull the cats. Once again, we had to make door to door surveys to find out who the complainant was. When we found him, he told us he made over 13 complains and ONE of it was about cat feeder messing up the park with cat food. And 12 of the complains were about the cleaner not doing a good job like sweeping the stairways regular enough. He assured us that he DID NOT want the cats to be culled or removed. He just wanted the feeder to clean up after feeding."

"Officer said that a new resident complained the area was dirty and also many cats. We found her and she told us she had just shifted here from a condo and she could not accept that the place was dusty during the upgrading. She could not stand the sight of many stray cats, foreign workers and old uncles smoking at the void decks. We were dumbfolded because this lady compalined about everything and the cats were just a fraction of it."