Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Beautiful and The Vanishing


02 July · 13:00 - 17:00

52 & 53 Duxton Road, The Pigeonhole

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On Saturday, 2 July 2011, The Pigeonhole (52 & 53 Duxton Road) will host The Beautiful and The Vanishing, the official launch of Our Kuching : the Vanishing Street Cats of Singapore by Jon Boon and Teoh Swee Leng and endorsed by the Cat Welfare Society (“CWS”).

The event starts at 1.00 pm and will feature a catless adoption drive and talks by the CWS and Furry Photos.


The brainchild of graphic designer Jon Boon, the 128-page book is a labour of love in celebration of the beauty and resilience of the Singapore street cat. Jon Boon shot the images and spearheaded the layout and design, while editor Swee Leng helped to refine the concept of the book, wrote the captions, and helped put the publication together.

The Beautiful and The Vanishing will feature a catless adoption drive, with images of cats up for adoption under the aegis of the CWS. It is hoped that, besides introducing Our Kuching to the public, the launch will also raise awareness of cat-related issues, and hopefully even serve as a bridge between the gentle, beautiful strays of our Singapore streets and families that have room for a loving feline companion.

Through Our Kuching, the duo hopes to improve popular perceptions of the common street cats.

“I hope this book will go some way in debunking negative stereotypes about cats, because they are misunderstood on so many levels. Hopefully, greater exposure to street cats, even in pictorial form, will start the process for greater acceptance and understanding,” says Swee Leng.

According to Jon Boon, “When people start to realise how beautiful our cats are, and as a result, give them a chance to live and roam free with us, I think the book would have done its part.”

Jon Boon and Swee Leng are ex-colleagues and fellow cat lovers – Swee Leng has 3 cats, all rescues (Nims, 7 years, Guy, 3 years and Oreo, 9 months), while Jon Boon’s adoption efforts with CWS are still in progress.

A portion of the proceeds of all books sold at the launch will be donated to CWS.

The Pigeonhole boasts a diverse variety of old, second-hand and rare books on topics ranging from religion to popular culture to botany to politics. Apart from an eclectic array of exciting arts programmes devoted to local independent art and music, the Pigeonhole also serves aromatic espresso, delectable desserts and a globetrotting range of whiskies, wines, ciders and lagers. The Pigeonhole is proud and honoured to support the good work of local homegrown NGOs and non-profit organizations.

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