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Stop Pet Abandonment

Stop Pet Abandonment

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Last week, we picked up a really injured and old black Persian cat from the Pipit Road area. The wounds are serious and very infected. The feeder thought it was animal abuse inflicted by human as there’s an elderly lady in the area who always beat the cats with stick to the point of fracturing their limbs. After examining the wounds, it looked more like abuse inflicted by other community cats.

According to the feeder, this cat “Panda”, an abandon case, has been injured at least 2 – 3 times in the short period that he’s lived in the neighborhood. We realized that Panda has no temperament, despite being in so much pain when we were draining the pus from the abscess all over its face, chest and shoulder areas.

Unlike the myth that cats are feral nomadic creatures that can easily adapt to the environment, I want to STOP this myth. Abandoned house pets CANNOT survive outside and most have lost their instincts to fight for food and survival.

Panda is old, has flu, very thin and has wounds all over. And he was never sterilised by the previous owner! So irresponsible!

He is now on antibiotics to treat the infection and flu. I hope to appeal for any kind soul who can give Panda a home to live out his life. He’s not young, maybe around 10ish but he’s a beautiful black persian and will definitely look handsome with a good groom. Panda definitely cannot go back to the streets.

If you would like to help, please email Lynn at

Panda with a Swollen Face

Pus oozing out of the infected wounds

Panda’s Album