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Just Lovely

Town Council's Senior Property Officer putting the blame of the Pest Contractor!

Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 3:31 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Why were two sterilised cats trapped from Blk ** and Blk *** xxxx, that were subsequently killed in the AVA?

Dear ****,

We are supporting the cats sterilised programme and allowed the responsible cat lovers to look after their sterilised cats in the estate.

We will not take away any sterilised cats from the estate...However, the contractor who has mistakenly trapped two cats from the estate and did not check whether its were sterilised and send them to AVA.

We apologise for the mistake made by the pest control contractor.

We had penalised the pest control contractor and have remind them not to repeat the same mistake in future.


SML (Ms) Senior Property Officer

****** Town Council

Reply to Ms SML (the Senior Property Officer or SPO)

On Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 8:13 AM,

Dear Ms Seah

Thanks for your prompt response.

However we need to know
1) Why was the pest controller activated in the first place? Did you activate them and that they caught the wrong cats? If there was a complaint, why was the caregiver/CWS not informed?
2)Why didn't you supervise the trapping? From our understanding, this was supposed to be done to ensure the pest controllers caught the "right" cats.
3)The supervisor/s involved in this wrong trapping so that we can speak to him/them to educate him/them on what tipped ears mean. Are the personnel in your cleaning contractor certified by AVA to be trained pest controllers?
4) What penalty was meted out to the pest controller?

This is very upsetting as we put in a LOT of effort and a LOT of our own MONEY to manage the cats in our estate. We are NOT crazy CAT LOVERS who want more cats. Please avoid this term of reference. We are residents who have an awareness of the need to manage cats in a HUMANE manner which is really a win-win situation for the town council as well as it means less cats - less complaints.

However we wish the town council to acknowlege our effort, just as it has acknowleged residents who are Plant-lovers and herb-lovers by alloting plots of lands for them to plant their plants and herbs.

We wish for the town council to
1)Support our sterilisation program by writing to AVA to reimburse our sterilisation fees; this reimbursement is already in place but AVA needs the town council to activate it.
2) Put up posters in the blocks to promote
a) Responsible Pet Ownership (available from the SPCA
b) Responsible Feeding (posters from and

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Animals need more protection

30 October 2009

The Electric New Paper :
Animals need more protection
I REFER to the report, 'Dog bit groomer, so he hit it with clipper' (The New Paper, 24 Oct).

I am surprised by the sentence of two weeks' jail for the killing of a pet.

I feel it's too lenient

As animal abuse has been quite rampant lately, I am worried that this may send the wrong signal to would-be animal abusers.

I understand that the maximum punishment for animal abuse is 12months' imprisonment or fine.

I hope the authorities will do more to educate the public and create more awareness of the relevant legislation so that our animals are better protected.


What dog seller did was irresponsible

The Electric New Paper :
What dog seller did was irresponsible
I REFER to the letter 'Give dog seller a break' (The New Paper, 20 Oct).
30 October 2009

I do not understand why people even bothered to speak up for the man who adopted a dog and then tried to sell it.

The letter writer said that what the man did was not so bad.

But how can we be sure that everything the dog seller claimed was true?

Yes, he did advertise the selling price openly, but it appeared that he was not truthful in all that he told the buyer.

And he adopted a dog without being sure of his ability to keep it and look after it.

The letter writer asked why the netizens are so angry.

Maybe to the letter writer, a dog is merely an object. Something you buy when you like, only to discard when you lose interest.

But dogs are living creatures, just like us. They have feelings.

They can be sad, happy, angry and so on, just like us.

This pet owner was irresponsible. That is what enraged the netizens.


Rescued - Trapped Kitten Left in Hot Sun

Project JK - Just Kindness
Posting this on behalf of a rescuer. This kitten was trapped by a family who dislikes cats, using a trap given out by the authorities. The cage with the kitten trapped inside, was left in the hot sun for a few hours before the authorities finally arrived. The rescuer managed to convince the authorities to let them have... the kitten (after they brought the kitten back to the office). This kitten is about 5 months young, black and white male. If you are able to adopt him, pls contact Thank you.

Young kitten trapped in the loan trap-cage, and left in the hot sun for a few hours before the authorities took him away.

Nails on the walls of the family who trapped the kitten.
Appeal to the AVA to STOP the FREE LOAN of CAT TRAPS

The real nuisance?


The Straits Times
Oct 30, 2009

'First World countries would not even suggest engaging gun club members.''


'The authorities in other First World countries would not even suggest engaging gun club members to shoot their way out of a bird problem as Changi Airport is doing, not only because of pressure from animal activists but also because of the values of their public.

We can never match up if we do not give priority to humanitarian rights over practicality in our attitude towards animals.

Airports with much worse bird strikes did not take the 'last resort' but instead took the trouble to station a wildlife biologist.

I hope the airport's measure was taken not merely to prevent inconvenience, as in the culling of strays by town councils ahead of a VIP function to enhance the estate's clean and neat environment.

Just because birds are animals should not be a reason not to invest resources to find the most humane and effective way to solve the problem.''

EAGLES AT CHANGI AIRPORT: Don't gun them down

The Straits Times
Oct 30, 2009
Don't gun them down

I REFER to Monday's report, 'Gun Club roped in to keep birds out of airport'.

Shooting the white-bellied sea eagles is not the answer to forestall bird strikes at Changi Airport. It is simply not justified. They are not migratory but are in fact a resident species numbering fewer than 50 in the wild in Singapore, not thousands.

As the largest bird of prey here, the white-bellied sea eagle was chosen to front our $10,000 Bird Series note to symbolise Singapore's strength, adaptability and independence.

They are more often seen fishing in the Strait of Johor and soaring above Pulau Ubin. Changi Airport, with its open grasslands, does not offer food for them and there are no tall trees there for them to perch.

We have recorded smaller migratory kestrels hovering at the perimeter of the airport and the odd common buzzard during the migration period, but none of the resident raptor species gathers in large numbers there.

If this shooting is, as reported, the last resort and a case of need-to shooting, why has this become a regular assignment for the Singapore Gun Club?

The Republic of Singapore Air Force has successfully used a remote toy truck to scare away birds in its airfields by broadcasting loud noises and calls of birds in distress.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) should at least consult other stakeholders before giving clearance to the shooting of non-pest bird species.

The Nature Society (Singapore) and other organisations are more than ready to help discuss solutions, once the true nature of problems is identified, but we feel there is much that needs to be clarified to the public by the Singapore Gun Club, Changi Airport Group and AVA if the report was accurate.

Alan OwYong


Bird Group

Nature Society (Singapore)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A community cat in Rumah Tinggi

Cat Rescued From Tree (USA)

Is this a "pest"?

National Cat Day (USA)


Thursday, October 29 iz National Kitteh Day! We know that everyday is Caturday, but on National Cat Day we git to show our kittehs sum extra speshul lurv and give them the much deserved attention they demand.

To celebrate National Cat Day, we’re running a Treat Your Cat Like Royalty Contest. Send us a picture of you celebrating your king or queen kitteh on National Cat Day and we’ll pick the most awesum winner to receive an autographed copy (by Cheezburger) of ICHC’s new book How To Take Over Teh Wurld: A LOLCat Guide 2 Winning.

Email your picture to by Friday, October 30, 5pm PT and we’ll post up the winner on Monday, November 2.

Happy National Cat Day to all of the kittehs around the world!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Koon-King and Koon-Rajah

A "cat friendly" town council poster (a cat portrayed as a "victim" rather as a "nuisance")

HBD keeps cannot keep cats because they are dirty.....

In a HDB estate and in a HDB lift!

Spit in a lift in Circuit Road

Flung out of a HDB flat and landed in front of a pair of dispensing machines

A community cat called MiMI



I REFER to the commentary by Mr Kong Soon Wah, “Buying a fur coat? Watch this video first” (my paper, Oct 19).

On behalf of the animals who cannot thank Mr Kong, thank you so much for asking people to watch the hideous video about China fur farms.

The man who filmed the video had a hard time forgiving himself for not stepping up and doing something, but had he not controlled himself and gone ahead, there would have been no mind-changing video to show.

It took a toll on him, but, as he said, “nothing like the toll taken on the animals”.

We appreciate your compassion very much.

Please keep speaking up for animals.

Ms Ingrid Newkirk
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Monday, October 26, 2009

A community cat called MiMI

On pets and pet owners Pet owners selfish? Where's the proof?

The Electric New Paper :
On pets and pet owners
Pet owners selfish? Where's the proof?

I REFER to the letter 'Those who splurge on pets are too self-centred' (The New Paper, 20 Oct).
24 October 2009

I am disgusted at Ms Debbie Lim's callous attitude towards humans and animals in general. Her futile attempt to associate one's self-centredness and materialism with the love and care for a pet is ridiculous and laughable at best.

Without providing any evidence, she immediately casts a stereotypical eye on pet lovers, assuming that just because they pamper their pets, they are self-centred and materialistic.

What makes her think that these same people do not contribute to charitable causes as well?

Perhaps Ms Lim should provide some numbers to support her claims.

Going by her points, the entire population of Singapore should be rushing to Indonesia or to the Philippines, or other disaster areas to help out, and take care of humans, who, while being the dominant creatures of this planet, happen to be tearing it apart.

I will continue to pamper my pet.

At least I know he is not making the ozone hole any bigger.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't trust your renovation contractor when you request for "cat safe" grills.

A lady bought a resale flat and left it to her contractor to install grills that would not allow a cat to squeeze through. She wanted to adopt the very friendly community cat called Koon-King.

Renovation is now completed but these grills are NOT safe for any cat and she will now have to consider meshing the grills before bringing the cat home.

Always ask your contractor to show you samples of the window and door grills and make sure the width is not more than 2 inches. Have the dimensions and photos of the grills in the contract.

Read A MUST for adoption to be approved : Cat-Safe Grills

Our Apathy is allowing the Town Council and NEA to "kill us softly and slowly".

Tampines Town Council

Is it every resident's right to ask
1)Is it necessary to carry out such frequent fogging
2)Where is the hard evidence that the chemicals are totally harmless?
3) What is the long term plan to reduce the need for thermal fogging, if there is any at all?

Community Cat in Tampines St. 41

Send in photos of local cats, especially tipped ear ones, to "What a Pet"

Send photos (at least 300dpi) and your
breed (just indicate "local breed" or "domestic shorthair/DSH") to

and include your
and contact details (phone number)

Teaching children to be kind to animals should go beyond the classrooms and the "lovely animals" posters!

One of the most dangerous places for a community cat to hang around is a childcare centre as some parents are overprotective of their "precious" kids and will act on paranoia and neurosis.

Read this

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Polite Officers

Having spoken to a rude officer today, I spoke to another officer this afternoon who was polite. It's not that all officers are mean people and I do sympathise with some of them. This officer told me that there is a childcare centre in the void deck and some of the parents told him that they'd beat him up if the cats attacked the children. So he says he's torn between people who like cats and dislike cats.

I told him that we didn't want to make it a cat lover versus cat hater debate but about solving the problem and while I'm not sure he was convinced about the vacuum effect, he was open to the idea of working together. He said that would be the best thing all around, that we can work together. That's music to my ears!

posted by Dawn @ 5:55 PM

Residents who love to plant vegetables are acknowledged by the town council and given "vegetarian garden". What about residents who love cats?

Why can't the town council acknowledge residents who love cats by facilitating the reimbursement of sterilisation fees from the AVA and also provide a small "cat feeding" area in each block.

SPCA's Responsible Feeding Poster in a block in Bedok South

Cats were "culled" for making noise in the neighbourhood

Recording from a HDB flat at 6am today.

HDB bans cats because they "are noisy...."
Residents file complaints with the town councils that "cat noise keeps me awake...", the town council responds swiftly with "culling"!

Any other noise....."ai-yah, sure have noise in any estate wat.......tahan lah. Dun be so ngeow lah."

Saturday, October 24, 2009




In Singapore the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority is responsible for all matters relating to domestic animals. Previously the large stray cat problem in Singapore was controlled with culling but this proved to be inhumane, as well as ineffective and costly. In 1997 the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority implemented the Stray Cat Sterilisation Project whose key objectives include sterilisation and responsible cat management. The SPCA, Cat Welfare Society (CWS), veterinary clinics and volunteers trap, sterilise, identify and attempt to re-home stray cats from residential areas. There are also a number of concerned individuals and local non-profit organisations involved in rescuing and rehoming cats and working with feral colonies in their immediate area.

In 2003, feral cat work in Singapore was badly hit following the SARS outbreak. Incorrectly attributed to cats, SARS is a serious flu-like illness carried by Palm Civets, a type of mongoose sometimes erroneously called a Civet Cat. This was used as the rationale for rounding up and exterminating stray cats on Singapore for "hygiene reasons". Even controlled (neutered) feral colonies were not exempt from the deadly round-up. I am advised that tough anti-littering laws in Singapore also makes life difficult for feral cat carers. Although it is not against the law to feed stray cats, there are tough penalties for littering. Feral cat carers must therefore find ways to feed cats without falling foul of anti-litter laws.

SPCA's Responsible Feeding Poster

Write to your town council and ask the General Manager (GM) to put this poster in your block's notice board. cc. your email to for the GM to request for original copies of the poster.

Cleaner asked for copies of this poster

See this posting

This evening at 7.30pm I showed the cleaner the above poster pasted on the notice board and I also told him that the poster was also inserted into the lower floor flats. He was impressed that the areas behind the kitchens were relatively much cleaner now. He asked for copies of poster to place at the adjacent blocks.

Please feel free to print this poster and paste it on your block's notice board.

It is doubtful that any town council would want to publicly declare that it poisons

Similarly the town council will not inform residents who have issues with cats thatthe pest controllers would trap the cats in the vicinity of the complaint to be killed at the AVA. Most people still have enough "humane-ness" in them to with-draw their complaints if they knew that cats would be killed.

Why are the town councils unwilling to tell the residents the truth!? That they have and will kill pigeons, crows and cats! Shame? Guilt? Or plain laziness to explore alternative humane solutions?

Pet groomer jailed for two weeks over dog's death

BOYCOTT - Strawberry Pet Shop

Services includes:

- Full grooming dogs & cats includes basic grooming and style trimming
- Basic grooming baths, blow drying, nail trimming and ear cleaning
- Sale of grooming products
- Sale of supplements
- Sale of costumes
- Sale of dry food
- Island wide delivery

We are located at:

Blk 762 Jurong West St 75
Singapore 640762
Tel: 67922885
HP: 92261098

A Cat and a Kid

Life with a cat

Friday, October 23, 2009