Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ginny rescurf as many as 900 lost and homeless cats during her lifetime.

Welcome to the Ginny Fan Club!

The Ginny Fan Club was established to commemorate Ginny, a Schnauzer/Siberian-Husky mix, who impacted the lives of hundreds of homeless cats and captured the hearts of all who knew her. Although Ginny left her earthly home on August 25, 2005, this site is dedicated to keeping her memory and her spirit alive.

Adopted from a shelter by her life-long caretaker, Philip Gonzalez, Ginny returned her good fortune by rescuing as many as 900 lost and homeless cats during her lifetime. More than just a canine oddity, Ginny’s caretaker maintains that her heroic antics were based on an inherent love for cats, a love that was enthusiastically returned by her grateful feline friends.

Ginny was only a youngster when she made her first feline rescue – a litter of five tiny kittens that were trapped inside a pipe. Although her caretaker first considered Ginny’s find a mere coincidence, she would prove him wrong by the countless cat rescues she made throughout her lifetime. Ignoring even the most dangerous of circumstances, Ginny was known to rescue cats and kittens from not only pipes but also from dumpsters, glass-laden containers and even a glove compartment or two. Ginny’s story is made all the more poignant by the fact that she had once experienced her own dire circumstances, abandoned and locked in a closet with her puppies for a week before she was rescued and taken to the shelter where Gonzalez found her.

According to her caretaker, Ginny’s love and desire to save those in need was not confined to her feline friends. On the contrary, Ginny demonstrated on at least one occasion that she was prepared to rescue humans as well. Recognizing that a blind man’s life was in peril when he attempted to step off a curb into busy traffic, Ginny jumped off the curb before him, barking incessantly until he turned back to safety. Such was the character and life of one of the most extraordinary, and now unforgettable, dogs – Ginny.

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