Monday, May 24, 2010

Please give Winston, a homeless cat, a good safe home

Abandoned along with a large number of cats and kittens, all un-neutered, this young kitten decided to stay put in the vicinity of a coffee-shop. He was taken by a caregiver to a vet for neutering and hence he now sports a "tipped ear".
He is estimated to be about 6 months of age.
His very trusting nature puts him at risk of being abused by human sickos! And also being nabbed by unscrupulous pest controllers ordered by the town councils to "cull" "strays". After all this cat cannot protest to AVA he isn't from the area that the pest controller is supposed to "cull"!

His "manja-ness" will make a very loving home companion.

Anyone who wish to rescue from him from a precarious life in our urban wilderness, please email to