Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I am afrad this cat will hurt my grandson!"

6.50am. Seems like it is Firsie's routine to hang around at a particular section of the covered walkway, conditioned by regular feeding at this time. I called her and she tried to cross the walkway but nervously as it was a "peak period". Then I saw a Chinese woman in her 60s, accompanied with a younger woman in her 30s and a school kid aged about 10 who were about a metre ahead, making kicking gestures at Firsie who was croaching in fear.
I asked the woman what she was doing. She said she was trying to stop the cat from harming her grandson. I told that the cat seemed more afraid of her grandson. The woman's hurt pride might just prompt her to create a story of the cat's viciousness that may result in direct harm to the cat or through a complaint with the town council.

Feeders should also exercise wisdom in feeding cats:- DO NOT FEED THE CATS IN HEAVY HUMAN TRAFFIC AREA! All it takes is JUST ONE person to complain and the cats will be "dead meat" at the AVA!