Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A father called the town council to complain that this cat attacked his child; fortunately the SPO was hardworking to do some ground work; he visited the block and spoke to the residents there including a few senior citizens at the senior citizens' corner in the void deck and they all testified that this cat was friendly and never seen to attack anyone!

This cat and another similar looking cat (mother and daughter) belong to a Malay family living on the second storey. Two caregivers persuaded them to allow them to bring the cats for sterilisation.
Although the owners claimed the cats were not allowed out, the two cats were found to be in early state of pregnancy.
The owners didnot reimburse the caregivers for the cost of the sterilisation.
Despite another complaint by a neighbour on the same second storey of "black cats jumping through my windows from the parapet and frightening my daughter", the owners ignored pleas by the caregivers to keep their cats indoor!
Till today they are still free roaming!

The HDB cat ban encourages such cat owners to be irresponsible!