Monday, May 17, 2010

Limping calico is alive, healthy and best of all...tipped!

18 July, 2009
While at ***, the long-time receptionist, Mrs ***, said that one of the staff, on the night before, spotted a limping calico at the coffeeshop at the opposite end of the block.

I went to search and found her working out from the road construction site. She responded to my call. I lifted her and walked about 20 metres to the vet clinic. Unfortunately she escaped as I tried to put her into a cage just beyond the door that I didn’t have time to shut and the cage door was too stiff to shut fast. Sarah, a vet assistant, brought a cage and followed me to look for her. A man who was stroking a neutered tabby cat by the kerb-side, pointed to under a car. The cat came out from under the car and Sarah managed to put her into the cage. However her nipples were full with milk. There was no external injuries seen. The area at the left hip was atrophied (i.e. shrunken) indicating that she probably suffered a fractured hip in the past and it healed by itself but with deformity. She was able to run pretty fast though. We decided to release her. Sarah and her colleagues will look out for her everyday to provide food. Once she is no longer suckling, she will be neutered at the clinic and I will settle the bill.

17th May 2010 at 7.30am: she is well, healthy and best of all, tipped!
She was hungry and quickly ate up all the kibbles, so no leftover to clear.