Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fear of kids: a surviving skill of a community trying to survive in a harsh urban jungle

This cat was neutered about 4 years ago.
When a 4-5 year-old and his grandmother walked by, this cat suddenly shot into the shrubs to hide.
Parents or grandparents, if they do not instil fear into kids of "stray" animals, do not know how to supervise them on approach to these animals.
Un-intentionally some cats reacted to a painful handling by kids resulting in scratches. An angry parent would lodge a complaint with the town council resulting in the killing of the cats in the neighbourhood, even if those cats not implicated! How many innocent feline lives have been lost this way because there are no caregivers to speak for the cats? And the town council officers just do not care anything beyond "pleasing complaining residents!

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