Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meow-Meow's second acupuncture


Someone hit a cat that the old lady feeds daily so hard that her whole back part is paralysed and fighting for her life at the clinic since 23 april.

We sent her and been visiting and praying hard that she would recover.

Someone told the caretaker that it was a Malay teenager living at Block 1 Holland Drive who hit the cat.

There is a gang of these teenagers who are trouble-makers.

Her hind legs and tail can't move. There is also back-part swelling.

Vet said there must be a lot of bruises inside and outside the body that can't be seen from the x-ray. It only shows that no bone is broken.

We are checking with vet if the cat can try acupuncture because i saw in MettaCats facebook that Felix and Mikho improved after the treatment. But old lady couldn't afford it.

This 72 year-old lady was knocked by a motorcycle months back and the someone recommended a lawyer to claim compensation ( she can't work) but told her she could claim 12k and have to pay 5-7k for legal fee. She can't afford her own expenses and the feeding of her strays (over 10) and now she is worried about injured cat's medical.

If you can help with cat food or medical. Please contact me and I can link you up with old lady.;)

If you would like to sponsor Meow-Meow's acupuncture and/or watch the next session, email to Bee Leng c/o