Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain: a Persian cat wishes for a good safe home that will never abandon him again


.... after 4 days in the car park. Black oil stains all over his back.

It's an unsterilized male. His teeth look good so I think he should be quite young.

He is a big cat, look at those big paws... but not much flesh under all that fur.... he felt very light when I picked him up.

May 2, '10 12:59 AM

"A beautiful White Persian... but this is how he looks after 3 days at the car park! He had a newish looking collar with bell... which I took off. Very tame and trusting... so sad!"

Read about: Persian (cat) : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Helga named him "Rain"

Neutered at Pet Clinic on 04-05-2010

DOB (estimated): 08-01-2009

Potential adopters, please read this....

and send the answers to these questions to
a. Are there any cats/other pets at home and what are they?
b. Are they sterilised?
c. Do you let your cats roam out of your home?
d. Are there any kids at home? If yes, are the kids allergic to furs/cats/etc?
e. Which floor are you living at?
f. Are your windows grilled with small grilles (2inch) that the cats won't be able to get out?
g. If not, are you willing to mesh out ALL your windows for the cats' safety?
h. Are you above 21 years of age? If you are younger, you will need the consent of your parents for adoption to be approved.
i. Are the other people living under the same roof, agreeable to living with a cat?