Saturday, June 5, 2010

Community cat hit by car (Yishun): cat is called Pretty "a very sweet-natured cat"

From a Yishun's caregiver,

8.50am, sms from Morna
"Cleaner alerted me 2 an injured cat hit by car, blood fm eyes n half
paralysis. Old woman feeder said no $ just leave it there...sigh.. I
brought 2 my house, Have 2 bring 2 vet later:-("

5th June 2010, 1pm
Morna Tan
"Cat is now warded at Acacia Vet. She has brain haemorrhage believed to be from a hard knock from vehicle or maybe from abuse. Doctor said to tell whether a full recovery is possible depends on how she fares the next 5 days, let's pray..."

"Injured cat is called Pretty. Pretty is a very sweet-natured cat. "