Monday, June 7, 2010

Update on Pretty

Morna updates,
"Pretty is more alert today but still not eating. Vet said she could not stand up as she's not able to balance herself and it'll take a few more days before he can tell the progress. Let's hope the best for her...."

Helga updates:

Blog EntrySome improvementJun 7, '10 6:14 PM
for everyone

Vet said less darting of her eyes today... which is a good sign. She seems more sleepy, not trying to get up today... purring constantly.

Pretty recognizes me and her ears will move when I ring the little fishing bells.

I think she had never missed a feeding although not very hungry... just pretending :) When I come back to clear the plate there is still much left but then she will come running again and eat some more... always had to make a third round to finally clear her plate.... and she likes wet food only. I think she mostly wanted the attention...