Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Update on Meow-Meow

Ah Heok and Meow-Meow during the acupuncture last Sunday (06-06-2010)

Meow-Meow was admitted to Namly Vet Clinic yesterday.

Update on Meow-Meow from Ping Ping
" Dr. Chan just called, Meow not so good cause infection in the bladder is tracking to the spinal code. Dr. Ling also seen her. They said treat infection from spinal code is tricky. . They've given her all the drug needed now just wait n see. Told her we'll be down to visit this pm."

Update on Meow-Meow from Ping Ping
"Meow doesn't look good. Worse than the 1st time she was in clinic. Dr. CHAN said seems bacterial gone to her brain. Both of us very sad to see her suffer like that. We'll bring her back before 7.30pm n bring back fri am if needed."

6.45pm,sms from Ping Ping:
"I'll still hoping for miracle . .will bring her home 7.30pm. DR. CHAN said Heok did a good job taking care of her can see from her stool. Heok cried she keep telling Meow she must get well because so many of you put in so much effort."

7.50pm, sms from Ping Ping"
"She (Ah Heok) keeps asking me is't because she brought her downstairs, she said when in her flat nothing happeded. Dr. Chan told her is not her fault, she said because Meow is paralyzed, that why this can happened."