Sunday, June 6, 2010

Travails of a community cat lover: the Bishan case

Travails of a community cat lover: the Bishan case

Golden Retriever 26 May 2010

Yes, I agree we should pay attention to human beings first. Animal lovers who avoid the responsibility of keeping and caring for these cats in their own homes or rooms should not feed them in public areas as they will only multiply and give society a bigger problem to deal with.

We have to put up with all the noise they make when they have their nightly sex (and they seem to be constantly pregnant). Frankly, it makes me want to puke. And they keep crying when they aren’t fed by “caregivers” as they can’t hunt for themselves (Fat cats and useless!) not to mention the mess and foul smell of the leftover food in public areas. These so called “caregivers” should be heavily fined for littering public areas.

People who claim to be animal lovers and “caregivers” without the related social responsibilities should donate their time and money to the poor and unfortunate in society since they have so much. There are millions of people who are poor and hungry and they really need “caregivers”. So be kind and do something really good for your fellow human beings. That is what counts in the end!

Incred – took you 10 minutes to read this article which took less than that to write? Wow.

Golden Retriever, you’re absolutely right. Yeah, humans NEVER “multiply and give society a bigger problem to deal with” and don’t make a nuisance of themselves either, unlike defenceless cats. Yep, without a doubt, we would hear a pin drop if not for the “fat cats and useless”, who somehow – in spite of the fact that they “can’t hunt for themselves” – can meanwhile find the energy to “have their nightly sex” (note: cats don’t mate for pleasure).

So pray tell who are the poor and unfortunate who have benefitted from your counsel then? Do back your assertions with facts and identity – then perhaps we can take your observations seriously.

Finally, please talk to a responsible community cat-feeder yourself and you’ll realise it is much harder and requires more commitment to care for a group of feral cats than to take care of one or two house-pets.